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2-day Mindfulness Workshop in Warsaw (in Eng)
niedziela, 05 lutego 2017 13:57

 2-day Mindfulness Workshop in Warsaw (in English), 22-23 April 2017

What is mindfulness? A simple analogy is to think of the mind being like the BBC News! – incessantly broadcasting, commenting, analysing, alerting, hypothesising – as if in our head there is a journalist who reports everything, in an exaggerated and indiscriminate way. We wonder what is good for us, what is bad, what is nice, what is unpleasant, what threatens us; we worry about what we have done, and what we haven’t; what we may do, and what we may not; what we should, and how, and so on…

All this is thinking – not being.

And there’s nothing wrong with thinking; it’s thanks to this ability that we can solve problems, plan futures, and learn from past mistakes. However, our thinking can become so dominant that it becomes too loud… too intrusive… too threatening… with so many thoughts, images, scenarios that there are times when we stop functioning properly – and we cannot take full advantage of the present moment. Life imagined in the future becomes lived in the present! We can lose touch with what we are actually experiencing in the present moment – and In such a weakened state, of inattention, we can often act ‘in automatic’, prompted by our imagined fears and fantasies. This is called ‘catastrophising’. Mindfulness brings us back in touch with ourselves in ‘the now’ – with our bodies, thoughts, emotions, intentions – and ultimately our ‘true self’. So, mindfulness is the ability to notice where we are, physically and mentally, and by bringing our attention back to ‘what is’ rather than being in our fantasies, fears, hopes or dreams. The most frequently quoted definition, provided by Jon Kabat-Zinn, is: “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally”

As Mal Huxter would put it: "One way of describing is to remember to be attentive to immediate experience mindfulness with care and discernment. Mindfulness can include remembering lessons from the past, thus being able to cultivate wisdom as well as remembering to act on wise intentions for the future".

What is mindfulness? How can it help me cope with stress and challenging emotions? How do I do it? This workshop will address all of these issues.

This workshop will provide the opportunity for participants to learn, practice and deepen mindfulness, provide instruction guidance in the practices, and provide various opportunities to develop and refine the ability to reduce suffering and increase well-being for oneself.

Conducted by Julia E. Wahl, MA

Dates and times: 22-23 April (Saturday, 10:00 - 17:00, Sunday 10:00 - 16:00)

Price: 530 PLN
Venue: Warsaw, Ul. Piękna 24/26, 00-549, room 114 (1st floor).

Registration/more info:
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Julia E. Wahl, University of Derby, UK (PhD researcher), psychologist, mindfulness & compassion teacher

A graduate in Social Clinical Psychology from the Warsaw School of Social Sciences & Humanities.

Julia’s MA thesis treated on the states of consciousness and mindfulness in healthy pregnant women. She has completed a 4-year integrative psychotherapy training with Richard Erskine PhD from the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy (New York) and is currently studying and researching for her PhD at the University of Derby.

She has studied mindfulness, and trained to teach it, in many locations and with eminent teachers including participating in ‘MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine’with Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr Saki Santorelli from the University of Massachusetts. Julia is a founding member of both the Polish Mindfulness Association and the Polish Association for Psychotherapy Integration; and was one of the co-organisers of the first Conference on the Practical Application of Buddhism in Western Psychology, Poland, 2008.

As Director of The Mind Institute in Warsaw, she has conducted over 30 8-week MBSR programmes and 8-week Self-Compassion courses in various European locations. Julia has her own private practice, offering individual and group therapy, and has delivered workshops on mindfulness for police and prison officers and led anger management workshops. She has been practising meditation for over 12 years.

Julia’s professional interests include psychotherapy integration, antenatal psychology/maternology, the consequences and treatment of trauma, attachment issues, neurobiology (inc the polyvagal theory), CFT, ACT, culture-bound syndromes and the possibility of integrating Eastern technique within the framework of Western psychology.






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