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Psychotherapy at the Institute

Problems are not the problem; coping is the problem.
Virginia Satir


Areas of expertise/issues and situations we deal with

Initial consultation

Ongoing psychotherapy


Registration/Further information


We provide psychotherapeutic services in the following situations and conditions and deal with the following issues:

  • difficulties in making and sustaining satisfactory relationships
  • confusions about identity
  • feelings of emptiness, loneliness and meaninglessness
  • anxiety, panic attacks and stress (anxiety/stress management)
  • depression, antenatal and post-natal depression
  • feelings of chronic anger
  • trauma
  • addictions, self-harm, eating disorders
  • difficulties as a result of violence and abuse
  • problems with adapting to pregnancy
  • problems with physical symptoms for which there is no medical explanation, but which may be an expression of emotional pain
  • women's issues (transitory periods such as pregnancy, menopause)
  • gay issues (problems with accepting one's sexual orientation, help in coming out)

Initial consultation

At the initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to talk about the problems you are facing, and the therapist will discuss with you what would be the best form of help (psychotherapy/counselling, one-time session or a therapy of longer duration).

You can ask any questions you have about the process and the practicalities of being in therapy.
Normally, the initial takes about 50 minutes.

A fee of 100 PLN is charged for each consultation.

Ongoing psychotherapy

Psychotherapy sessions normally take place once a week. Each session lasts fifty minutes.

Psychotherapy is conducted within the integrative (psychotherapy) framework.

Standard fee

for individual psychotherapy in English (60 minutes) = 150 PLN per session.

We also offer individual mindfulness/MBSR training = 50 PLN per session

Registration/Further information:

To discuss any matters contact Julia E. Wahl at +608 079 909 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



ul. Madalińskiego 57/10, Warsaw.

Metro station: Pole Mokotowskie or Racławicka.






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